EBS PARIS lance son incubateur: Sandbox

EBS Paris
6 good reason to join our business school

Main thread: EDIC

​Entrepreneurship Digital Innovation Creativity.


EBS is a family sized school every voice matters.

The SandBox

A environment for creativity directly on campus that help the creators of tomorrow. 


Paris, San Francisco, Londres, Genève.

The world is yours.


A professional network that will listen to you and is eager to meet you.

They are here for you.


5 semesters abroad with our partners in the whole wide world. 

Possibility to integrated a 100% english course.

One orientation: EDIC

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Providing customized accompaniment

Each student is accompanied in a personalized way to better build his career and identify the professional skills that match his aspirations.

Whether it is the organization of classes or extracurricular activities, the school offers you an environment as reassuring as interesting, where human relations hold a preponderant place.

Classes with reduced numbers, team work, numerous associations, discovery trips, group trips … Everything brings students together and develops in them the team spirit.

A campus in the heart of Paris

EBS Paris is located on the Eiffel Campus in the 15th arrondissement. Both modern and friendly, this central site, close to the Eiffel Tower, has been designed to combine educational success and quality of life.

Modern and attractive infrastructure.

A true platform for exchanges and initiatives, the campus is organized to combine study success and quality of life.

  • A space with a courtyard
  • Amphitheatres up to 400 students capacity
  • A Wi-Fi network covering the entire campus
  • A restaurant area with cafeteria
  • Spaces of relaxation and conviviality

The dynamic between business and Alumni

EBS Paris is characterized by a close proximity to companies that intervene in the courses, propose projects to students, and recruit many trainees.

The prestigious Alumni network inspires and helps to build and start a professional life. The internships are organized from the first year and follow one another following a progression and adjustment plan of the professional project.

Abroad cursus

In the first three years, each student has the possibility to follow academic semesters in English (both in France and abroad), to expatriate and take courses in one of our partners of the school and to realize a long international internship (6 months) in company all over the world.

EBS Paris « abroad »

Up to 5 semesters abroad:

  • On the campus of London or Geneva (2nd year)
  • In Internship (3rd or 5th year)
  • In partner universities (3rd and 5th year)
  • Learning Expedition on the San Francisco Campus (4th year).

100% English 

You have the possibility to integrate the 100% English speaking courses. From the first to the last year, the courses are all offered in English.